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Dagood Products is thrilled to introduce our exclusive collection of outdoor fire pits, featuring a wide variety of sizes and styles to complement any home. From convenient portable camping fire pits to striking extra-large options that make a bold statement, our range is available in rust and black finishes, ensuring there's a perfect style for everyone.

Fire pits are an ideal addition to create a captivating centerpiece in your outdoor living spaces, providing both ambiance and warmth for you and your friends on chilly evenings. Incorporating a fire bowl into your backyard, courtyard, or patio will bring your outdoor area to life. It can be used year-round, serving as a versatile planter water bowl, fish bowl, or even an ice bucket for your next party.

Enhance your outdoor living experience with a designer fire pit for sale from Dagood Products. With an array of sizes and finishes to choose from, you can confidently find something to suit your taste and budget. Still unsure about getting one? Let us highlight the benefits our fire pits offer.

Outdoor Fire Pit Ambiance

The mesmerizing and heartwarming flicker of our open flame pits, bowls, and fire tables helps create a delightful ambiance for quality time with friends and family. The gentle glow of the fire instantly sets the mood, making you the ultimate host. Grab a bag of marshmallows and our marshmallow forks to complete the experience.

Fire Pit Styles

At Dagood Products, we go the extra mile with design-focused solutions that exude style and sophistication. Whether you seek a bold designer statement or prefer a simpler aesthetic, our fire pits cater to all preferences. Our traditional fire pits are available in rust or black finishes. Black fixtures and finishes have gained popularity, offering a trendy new element for your outdoor space. On the other hand, a rust finish fire pit requires less maintenance and adds character that complements various outdoor areas. Our Ethanol fire pits come in a range of colors and finishes, including natural, bone, graphite, teak, black, and stainless steel. No matter what style of home you have, we have a fire pit that will perfectly suit it!

Outdoor Fire

Pit Functionality Our fire pits can transform your outdoor area into a multi-seasonal space, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of bright blue or starry skies throughout the year. Even when it's cold outside, you can cozy up by the fire and stay warm. Our traditional fire pits are available in various sizes, ranging from 60cm to our extra-large 100cm options. This ensures you can choose the most suitable size for your outdoor space and also provides a lightweight, portable option for camping getaways. We even offer models with handles for easy movement around your backyard as needed.

Fire Pit

Versatility Entertain all year round! Easily convert your pit into a BBQ with a grill from our selection or add one of our timber pit covers from our fire pit accessories range, perfect for hosting in any season. Why not complete your space by adding one or two of our Firewood storage seats and create a matching set?

Choosing the Right Fire Pit

Practical, versatile, and irresistibly charming, there's every reason to love our fire pits. However, selecting the right one for your space requires a bit of knowledge. Should you go for a fire pit or an ethanol pit? Cast iron or steel? Answering these questions will help you make an informed choice and ensure your satisfaction with your purchase for years to come.

Fire Pits vs Ethanol Pits

The main distinction between traditional fire pits and ethanol pits is that the former is designed for burning timber, while the latter is powered by eco-friendly bioethanol. At Dagood Products, you'll find both options available in various sizes and finishes.

Ethanol is a fantastic choice if you desire versatility for both indoor and outdoor use, offering a smokeless solution for entertaining. Ethanol fire bowls are also a great addition to balconies or courtyards. Larger ethanol tables work well for spacious entertaining areas, featuring built-in tables that are perfect for serving a cheese board and entertaining guests.

Our steel and cast iron log fire pits are ideal for camping or backyards of all sizes. Designed with durability in mind, they breathe life into any backyard setting.

Cast Iron vs Steel Pits

Both cast iron and steel fire pits are excellent options to consider! At Dagood Products, all our fire pits are designed for longevity, featuring a thickness of 3-4mm. While you may notice that some of our cast iron fire pits have a slightly thinner rim, rest assured that we prioritize thickness in the base where it matters most, providing up to 10mm of thickness.

We've incorporated both cast iron and steel fire pits into our range to accommodate various design styles. The cast iron manufacturing process allows us to create unique designs not possible with steel. Cast iron is naturally heavier, but it doesn't mean it's stronger or more durable than our steel fire pits. Steel offers a smoother finish compared to its cast iron counterpart.

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