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How Can Dagood Monitor Arms Benefit You?

Reduce Pain Dagood Monitor Arms are designed to reduce neck, back, and eye strain.

Cable Management Our products come equipped with efficient cable management solutions to help you tidy up and control all cables.

Free Up Extra Desk Space Dagood Monitor Arms free up valuable desk space, allowing you to optimize your workspace.

Should I Use a Monitor Arm or Monitor Mount?

Monitor Arm Dagood Monitor Arms are perfect for sit-stand desks, offering maximum flexibility in adjusting screen height when transitioning between sitting and standing. This effortless adjustment helps you maintain proper posture at all times. Our ergonomic monitor arms are VESA compliant and support portrait rotation for a wide range of movement.

Monitor Mount Monitor mounts are an excellent choice for creating more desk space and are often a cost-effective alternative to monitor arms. However, they are less versatile in terms of vertical screen positioning, as they are fixed in place during setup. While some pole height adjustment is possible with effort, we generally recommend monitor arms for sit-stand desks due to their ease of monitor height adjustment.

Keep Your Space Clean with Cable Management & Additional Connectivity

Cable Management Our monitor arms feature internal cable management, ensuring a clutter-free workspace. Additionally, our mounts come with custom clips to secure your wires safely. This cable management system seamlessly complements our desk cable channel, whether you have two monitors or an array. Fewer cords mean more space!

Additional Connectivity Wondering how to use your screen with a Dagood Monitor Arm? Most LCD monitors utilize the standardized VESA mounting system, identified by the 100mm square pattern of mounting holes on the back. Unless specified otherwise, all our adjustable monitor arms and mounts use VESA mounting plates. If your monitor's mounting holes do not align with this pattern, it may require a separate adapter, which is typically sold by the manufacturer. Arms and mounts designed for iMacs utilize a specialized clamp instead; check the screen size specs for compatibility.

Should I Buy a Monitor Arm? Are Ergonomic Monitor Arms Worth It?

A Dagood Monitor Arm can optimize your screen's viewing position, helping prevent neck and back pain and reducing eye strain from poor posture. Investing in a monitor arm is worthwhile for both immediate comfort and long-term health benefits. Adjustable monitor arms are ideal for use with standing desks, allowing quick position adjustments, whether sitting or standing. The benefits remain consistent, whether you're using a single monitor or require two arms for multiple screens and a laptop holder.

Are Monitor Arms Universal? Do Monitor Arms Work with Any Monitor?

The majority of monitors are compatible with the universal VESA mount. Check your monitor's back for the VESA mount pattern, and if it matches, rest assured that all Dagood monitor arms (unless otherwise specified) are designed to work with VESA mounts and are VESA-compatible. However, some monitors, such as iMacs, do not use VESA mounts. We offer an iMac monitor arm specifically designed for iMac compatibility, transforming it into the ultimate adjustable monitor. Additionally, consider the weight capacity of the monitor stand to ensure it supports your monitor without issues. If using a dual monitor stand, verify that your screen size doesn't impede movement.

How Do I Connect My Monitor to My Arm?

Most monitors can be connected to a monitor arm via a VESA mount. Check the back of your monitor and consult your monitor's manual to confirm VESA compatibility. Notably, iMacs are not VESA-compatible and require our iMac monitor arm. Ensure that the monitor stand's maximum weight capacity aligns with your monitor's weight for proper height adjustment and ease of movement.

What Are the Best Monitor Arms?

The best monitor arms are those tailored to your desk setup and the number of monitors you use. To select the ideal monitor arm:

  1. Verify that the monitor arm supports your monitor's weight.
  2. Consider the number of monitors you have; dual monitors require a dual monitor arm.
  3. Ensure the monitor arm is compatible with your monitor's VESA mount.
  4. Choose the type of mount (e.g., wall-mount, desk clamp, ceiling mount, or grommet mount) that suits your needs.
  5. Decide if you prefer a riser monitor stand that matches your desktop, a popular choice for home offices.

How Long Do Monitor Arms Last?

A high-quality Dagood Monitor Arm can last for many years. We back our products with a 10-year* limited warranty. Crafted from recyclable aluminum, our monitor arms offer durability and flexibility, making them a long-lasting addition to any workspace. Dagood single-height adjustable and dual monitor arms are built to outlast your LCD panel.

What Should I Look for in a Monitor Arm?

Here's what to consider when choosing a monitor arm:

  1. Monitor Weight: Ensure the arm can support your monitor's weight.
  2. Number of Monitors: Select a dual monitor arm for two screens.
  3. VESA Compatibility: Check if your monitor is VESA-compatible.
  4. Height Adjustment Range: Determine the necessary height adjustment range.
  5. Mount Type: Choose between C-clamp, grommet mount, or wall mount.
  6. Aesthetics: Decide if you want your monitor stand to match your desktop's style.

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